Sunday, November 15, 2015

Payson Utah Temple

The Payson Temple is very beautiful.  We were lucky enough to have 2 neat experiences at this temple.  Our first experience here was to attend the sealing of a little boy to his parents.  He was adopted, so this sealing was to bring them together as a family for eternity.

It was a special experience for us because we are looking to adopt as well.  It was so neat to be there with them as they brought their family together.  They were so happy.  It was the firs time I have seen a small child sealed to their parents.

Robyn and I with my little sister, who also attended the sealing.
About a month later, we went back to this temple again.  We hadn't yet had the opportunity to do a session or to see the celestial room.

We came with our friends Tammy and Cameron.  They seem to be always selected as the witness couple.  This time we were asked to serve, so it was a big surprise.

One thing that was funny about the session was that I was sitting in the ordinance room trying to figure out where the veil was.  I thought it must be in a different room.  At the end of the session we could here the wall being pulled away behind the curtain.  And then the curtain was pulled up and there was the veil.  It's quite a contrast to some of the temples that were built in the 1800s.  But it's neat to think that while technology has made it so the temple can be laid out a little more efficiently, they had all of the blessings that we have nearly 200 years ago.  That's pretty cool.

Once we got to the celestial room I loved the flower theme that fills the room.  There are flowers in the patterns of the furniture, in the stained glass windows, in the ceiling, and of course there are real flowers in pots as well.  I loved that it was an homage to the beauty of God's creation in nature.

Here are a few pictures from our 2 visits.
Since I mentioned the flowers in the celestial room, I had to put a picture of the flowers on the grounds.

Robyn and I at the back of the temple.

The flag near the front.

The fountain.

We always need a picture by the sign.

Robyn and Tammy.
Cameron and I
With this visit, we can once again say that we have been to all of the temples in Utah.  It's been a great experience seeing them all.

View a gallery of this temple.

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