Sunday, September 13, 2015

Spokane Washington Temple

The Spokane Temple is very beautiful.  It's one of the mini cookie cutter temples, as I like to call them.  That means that the layout of the interior as well as the features on the exterior are not unique, but are identical to several other temples I've been to.

One of the things that I enjoyed about it, however, was that even though the temple itself is identical to others, the grounds are completely unique.  The flowers on the grounds were beautiful, and the whole area where it is located is filled with big trees and heavily wooded land.  It's a residential area, but it almost feels like an area where you could go camping.

This temple was a unique experience, because my wife wasn't with me this time.  Instead, I attended with my Mom, which was a great experience.
Mom at the back of the temple

Me at the back of the temple

Trying to get artistic with the flowers
Moroni and the flag
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