Friday, July 31, 2015

Boise Idaho Temple

The Boise Temple is very beautiful.  It was surprisingly similar to the Portland Temple, which we had visited the day before.  The main difference being that it was much smaller.  We had driven from Portland that morning and came to this temple in the afternoon.  It was a welcome experience to enjoy the quiet peace of the temple as opposed to the sometimes hectic experience of driving (particularly in Oregon traffic.)

This is not one of the small cookie cutter temples but it is roughly the same size.  The celestial room was like a small living room with just a few couches.  The intimacy of it was kind of neat.

The most surprising thing about this temple was at the beginning when we were sitting in the chapel.  They had us divide up between men and women before going into the ordinance room.  I thought that was super strange, until we walked through the dressing room to get there.  That seems like somewhat poor planning as far as building layout, but the big thing that occurred to me is that it's not about the building or how it's laid out.  It's about the Spirit of the Lord that resides there.

Looking up at the angel Moroni.  The spires came up from the ground instead the top of the building, which was kind of neat.

Me with the sign out front.

A silhouette of the temple.

The obligatory selfie

A shot I took walking around the side.
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