Friday, July 31, 2015

Portland Oregon Temple

The Portland Oregon Temple was super pretty.  I've wanted to go here a long time, and I'm glad I got the opportunity.  We also had the opportunity to be the witness couple, which is always a great experience.

One thing that occurred to me while inside this temple was the power of community.  We've spent the weekend in the Portland area and we've seen lots of people that very clearly have different standards from us.  It was so neat to walk into the temple and see the smiling faces of people we know believe exactly as we believe.  I'm grateful for the worldwide community that we are a part of.

I thought the celestial room in this temple was very special.  It is a bi-level room where you can climb up stairs to a second level that has a sort of balcony looking down on the main room.  The main room has a giant chandelier and the second level has a smaller chandelier.  The room overall is very simple, but extremely beautiful and elegant.

I really enjoyed this temple.

The obligatory selfie

Robyn looking precious next to the fountain.

Looking up at one of the spires
Robyn standing by the reflecting pool
View of the main spire
Holiness to the Lord.  The /House of the Lord.
Me next to the sign.

View from the main entrance

View a gallery of this temple.

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