Saturday, October 18, 2014

Idaho Falls Idaho Temple

The Idaho Falls Temple sits right on the Snake River, right above Idaho Falls.  It's a beautiful temple, both inside and out.
I loved how the river functioned as a reflecting pool.

It has the style common among older temples where there is a creation room, a garden room, a telestial room and a terrestrial room.

Each room had beautiful murals on the walls.  A few things that were unique and fun were in the creation room and the celestial room.  The creation room had lights on the ceiling designed to look like stars.  The lights come on when God creates the stars.  It was a neat and fun affect.

The celestial room had a mural showing families dressed in white, among green hills.  I liked that it was depicting something truly simple and magical, the joy found in loving relationships.  The mural also showed a glowing kingdom in the sky, but the silhouettes of the buildings looked just like temple square in SLC.  It had the Salt Lake temple as well as the tabernacle.

We had the opportunity to be the witness couple here, which is always a great experience.

Between the murals depicting families, and the fact that we've been trying to adopt recently, my thoughts really focused on the blessings of eternal families as I sat in this temple.  I'm grateful for that blessing, and the knowledge that I can be with my wife and family forever.

Here are some pictures of this temple.

It's important to always get a shot next to the sign.

Robyn is more precious next to the sign.

It's not a temple trip without a selfie.

Checking out Moroni.

A shot with Idaho Falls.

From behind the fence

I love how the leaves framed the spire

Another reflecting pool shot a little later in the evening, with some bonus geese.

A river shot with the temple.
View a gallery of this temple.

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