Friday, June 27, 2014

Houston Texas Temple

The Houston temple is very beautiful.

The inside of it, and particularly the Celestial Room, looked like a smaller version of the Timpanogos Temple, which was fun since that was the temple we were married in.

This is a smaller temple, so it had a more intimate feel to it.  There was a young lady who was doing a live endowment, and I'm pretty sure we were the only ones in the session that weren't there for her.  It was neat to see her surrounded by family and friends.  I was the only male that wasn't in the prayer circle, and I didn't feel the need to invade her experience.

There were just over a dozen people in the room, so it was pretty neat.

I really loved the exterior as well.  It is situated in a very nice neighborhood with lots of trees and greenery.  The grounds themselves had a walking path that went through kind of a little garden.  I referred to it as the secret garden, but it wasn't that secret.  Although, there was a sign for a "hidden entrance."  But, it's not that hidden if it's labelled I suppose.

This was my first temple in Texas, and I had a great experience here.

The angel Moroni

I thought this fountain was pretty

Robyn at the front of the temple.

The obligatory sign picture.

These walking paths through the gardens on the grounds gave it a very secluded feeling.

Looking back at the temple from the grounds.

The obligatory selfie picture.

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